PTW | SIDE Covid19 Risk Assessment - LA Studios

June 2020


SIDE LA is thrilled to be returning to our Marina Del Rey studio, as we’ve been cleared to re-open as of June 15th. The facility is operating with safety measures in place following the latest recommendations by the state of California and adhering strictly to the safety protocols as required by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. We’ll be operating with minimal studio and production staff on-site, supported by the rest of the team who will continue to work from home. Clients and directors will attend sessions remotely. We will be welcoming actors back to record, in conditions conducive to their safety, comfort, and ability to perform without technical distractions. Clients, meanwhile, can again benefit from recording in our high quality, high tech, and fully secure environment. We want to thank everyone for their efforts and patience during this unprecedented time; we hope to welcome everyone back to SIDE LA very soon.

SAG-AFTRA has cleared our sanitizing and social distancing protocols, and we are in line with the public health regulations. Our protocols can be found here. For a list of the other precautions we are taking for talent in studio, please contact us and we will be happy to provide this information to you.