Tom Clancy’s The Division

Ubisoft Massive

Voice Direction
Voice Recording
Dialogue Post

” There’s so much in there – some sort of conspiracy, the rise of the factions, the everyday lives of people caught in the disaster… The voice-acting and framing of The Division’s world is a-grade. I was totally absorbed.”

Throughout 2015 the team at Side carried out extensive voice production services on Ubisoft’s sprawling RPG shooter, The Division.

To bring the world of post apocalyptic New York to life we worked closely with the audio team at Ubisoft Massive. Side was responsible for managing the casting, directing, recording and post production of over 40,000 lines of VO, delivered by over 200 characters.

Recordings took place in New York, London and LA under the guidance of lead voice director Damien Goodwin and managed by Side’s crack team of Production Managers.