Battlefield 1


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“It plays out like a fantastic mini-series, each brilliantly voice-acted and believable, with screens of text contextualising each soldier’s situation as the prologue and epilogue”
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SIDE teamed up with DICE to bring to life the battlefields of World War One in their new epic all-out warfare game.  Battlefield 1 is the latest addition in their first person shooter franchise.  The game allows players to experience a world at war through historically inspired events.

The SIDE team provided full voice production services for the Multiplayer mode, with SIDE performance director Justin Villiers tasked with delivering authentic and believable performances to match the atmosphere of the game. Actors were put through a series of rigorous activities in order to achieve this authentic sounding VO.

The game received highly positive reviews following its release, gaining an 88% Metacritic approval rating.  One reviewer described the game as having “impeccable voice-acting performances all round.” (cgmagonline)