Aug 2015


Side was delighted to work with award winning studio The Chinese Room to cast, direct and record the character performances in their latest project, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Side’s Performance Director Kate Saxon and Chinese Room Creative Director Dan Pinchbeck , spent a week crafting and honing the character performances during rehearsal before heading onto a sound stage for two weeks to record the cast together for all scenes

The acting in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture has been widely well received. One review has even gone as far to describe the game as having “some of the very best dialogue writing and voice acting I have ever witnessed in a video game1”. You can check out what some other reviews had to say below.

“The voice acting in Rapture is immaculate. I don’t think the range of emotions experienced in this story could have been any better produced…2

“The characters whose stories you uncover are incredibly well put together. From the dialogue, which is never anything less than captivating, through to the voice acting which – and I’m totally going there – is the best I’ve yet heard in gaming…3

“The smart writing and fantastic voice acting from the entire cast does an excellent job making each character feel real and alive, even in their last moments, and some of the more tragic storylines are genuinely affecting as a result.4







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